One Day Floor Coatings from Penntek

Perfect for driveways, patios, garage floors, sidewalks, outdoor kitchen areas and more. One day installation with most applications. Walk on in 4 to 6 hours and able to drive on in 24 hours. We offer a chip system in a variety of colors that has texture but soft on bare feet. We have solid color epoxies for work areas and more. Industrial and residential applications available. Our polyaspartic top coat is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial so it very easy to clean and won't allow anything to penetrate up or down. No More Tire Marks!


Our experience sales team will set an in Home presentation which will allow us to talk about our product, asses your needs, and the measure the area to be quoted. Our installation team will come out on the scheduled day and time and test your concrete for moisture and hardness. Once these two things are determined the process begins. First we grind the concrete to remove any stains, oil, tire marks, etc. and grind to a porous state. We then grind and mender any visible surface cracks which become two times stronger. The next step is to apply the appropriate polyurea base coat. Next we over broadcast the chip color of your choice. We got to lunch and come back an hour or so later to scrap and clean up all excess chip. Final step is to apply the polyaspartic top coat.